We encourage you to explore the numerous opportunities we offer to help people—our name is our mission and we think you will be intrigued to learn more about us and become involved.
We’re an organization that cares about the people we serve. We want to have loving families, friendly relationships, desired jobs, and a secure environment. We strive to provide these ideals to the familieswith any disabilities and other special needs for whom we provide services.

Throughout our website you will learn about the people we serve, our dedicated, professional staff and board of directors. You will understand the depth of our services and the incredible outcomes that we experience on a daily basis.

Our fondest hope is that you will find something of personal interest and decide to become a member of the SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATION PAKISTAN family. So please drop by and let’s talk about how you can become a part of us.




The SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATION PAKISTAN builds coalitions of nonprofits, individuals, and community leaders, and work with businesses to energize employees and promote programs that are tangibly improving health equity and community resilience.We raise awareness about health and wellbeing, share health resources and employee engagement tools to create greater social impact, and energize corporate and organizational partners to support programs that are actively improving overall population and community health.

The SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATION PAKISTAN supports individuals experiencing health challenges, provide opportunities to initiate positive changes through giving and volunteering, and convene public and private sector leaders to share their innovative and promising practices to improve and employee health.



The SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATION believe in the power of education to help end poverty. We work to give children the education they need and fight the hurdles that stand in their way.

The SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATIONpartner with remote and rural communities where children are leaving school without vital basic skills. Our unique approach then helps parents and teachers to create sustainable, effective schools and to nurture their children's learning.

For over 5 years we have ensured vulnerable children in Pakistan get the proper infrastructure, teaching and family support so they can make the most of their time at school and go on to lead productive, healthy and happy lives.
You can help us to make a difference to the lives of Pakistani children living in poverty now. Donate, take part in an event, help raise funds for us or sponsor a child. It could be the most influential thing you do today.



The SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATION PAKISTAN is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough in research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.

The SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATION PAKISTAN works with farm and forest landowners in the PAKISTAN region to protect water quality on behalf of 22 crore PAKISTAN residents.

The SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATION is a regional network that protects forests and supports community activism in the Pakistan through education, advocacy, and citizen empowerment. We are people helpingpeople protect the places they love.

The SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATION was founded in 2015, when concerned citizens from several Midwestern each defending their national forest from logging, mining, roads, met and began to work together to protect the forest.Unfortunately, much of this forest has been cleared and what remains is mostly isolated fragments of public land that nonetheless play a critical role in providing habitat for wildlife, purifying the air and water, moderating global climate change, and offering places of beauty and enjoyment. The SAVIOURS NATIONAL FOUNDATION is founded on a shared vision of forest restoration and ecological integrity.